We are Vitt!

It’s the of a rideshare
that went wrong…

At the ‘steering wheel’ of this adventure, Magali Fer and Giampaolo Ariu, two globetrotters that had the opportunity to use several means of transport during their journeys.

They have decided to get the best of these experiences and have turned the Turbo on, on their return to France: Vitt was born in Lyon in 2019 🇫🇷

Everything started off during a taxi ride at the other side of the world : Beijing. An express ride disseminated with pitfalls: an unknown language, no Internet, a hotel to get to in the middle of the night but a taxi driver a bit disoriented… The anxiety level reaching the third gear and only then our two adventurers realised that they couldn’t communicate with their driver: showing the drop-off location in English isn’t of much use in China!

An intricated situation that could have been easily solved with the advance ride booking or the carpooling option.

All’s well that ends well, after multiple mixups and a funny misunderstanding between a Chinese, an Italian and a Breton (and this isn’t a joke!), the arrival line was eventually reached.

On their way back home, the idea matured; Magali and Giampaolo imagined a ride-hailing solution that combines the ease of use, the feeling of belonging to a community, the respect for everybody and for the environment, as well as a genuine state of mind: these are the ingredients of the Vitt recipe.

Make your ride
matter, easily !


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