Vitt account

How can I delete my account?

In order to delete your Vitt account, please follow the below steps: • Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the main screen • Click "Settings" • Scroll all the way down and click "I delete my account" • Confirm by clicking "Delete". You have just deleted your Vitt account!

How can I sign out of the Vitt app?

In order to sign out of the Vitt app, please follow the below steps: • Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the main screen • Click "Settings" • Scroll all the way down and click "Sign out". You have just signed out of the Vitt app!

How to consult my completed rides

You can find back the history of all your rides in "My rides" main menu tab of the app.

How to edit my personal details

On the Vitt app, you can edit: • your email address, your nickname and photo, your mobile number as well as your password; • your credit/debit card by clicking the "Payment" main menu tab.

How to reset my password

What if you forgot your password? You only need to click "Forgot password" to reset your password. You will then be able to reset your password on the app and enter the new password while repeating the log in process.

I cannot log in

While logging in for the first time, please verify that the mobile number you entered matches the number you used to create your Vitt account. You can then enter your password. What if you forgot your password? You only need to click "Forgot password" to reset your password. You will then be able to reset your password on the app and enter the new password while repeating the log in process.

How to verify my mobile number

While creating your Vitt account, you will have to verify your mobile number via a 4-digit code (OTP) that you will receive by SMS and by email. You will just need to enter the code you received in the application. NB Your mobile number can be linked to only ONE Vitt account. If you do not receive this SMS or email, we encourage you to double check that you entered a valid number, in particular make sure that you entered the right country code for numbers from outside France. You can always ask the code again if necessary.

How to add my credit/debit card

Once you signed up, you can add a new bank card by opening the "Payment" main menu tab, choose your personal or business profile, click "Credit/debit cards" and then "I add a new card". After your ride booking validation, you will be able to choose your payment profile you want to use to pay for your ride.

How do I add a promo code to my ride?

From the Vitt application, click the "Promo" tab at the moment of the ride vehicle choice. After entering the promo code, the "Promo" tab will show your promo code in green. This means that your code will be applied to your ride.

How can I create a Vitt account?

Only a few clicks between you and the creation of your personal Vitt account! You can do that on the Vitt app (available on the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android). The subscription and app download are completely free. You will have to enter your email address, your mobile numbern as well as some more personal information and a valid bank card details. You can also join Vitt through a referral code sent to you by one of your friends already subscribed to Vitt. You will then have to enter this referral code while signing up, in order to get the most of your first ride reduction.

The Vitt service

How are the Vitt drivers recruited?

Our platform puts you in contact with available drivers, our professional and independent partners. They are highly experienced in the transport sector for customers and they are selected for their professionalism according to specific requirements such as the service quality, their knowledge of their service area and impeccable driving skills. All our partner drivers followed a training and their file has been carefully analysed before being approved for a collaboration with Vitt. Furthermore, the feedbacks and comments that you send on their service allow us to follow them closely in their performance to provide you with a quality experience for all your rides. You can check the validity of the partner driver's "carte professionnelle" through the website "Contrôle carte VTC". The partner driver must be in it. If you wish to verify the validity of your partner driver's "carte", please collect the first and laste name of your driver and the "carte" number. The reply is immediate about its validity. https://authentification.din.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/authSAML/login/LoginDispatchAction.do?backURL=https%3A%2F%2Fvtc-controle.din.developpement-durable.gouv.fr%2Fconnexion&v=4.2.2a&appId=636 Would you like to become a partner driver with Vitt? If so, please consult our driver page to sign up. You can also contact our partner driver recrutement service by email at info@wearevitt.com.

Am I rated?

With Vitt, customers are rated by the drivers. Customers can also rate their drivers anonymously.

How can I contact the customer service?

If you want to receive a quick reply, you can contact us by replying to the email that contains your invoice. You can also choose the Vitt ride of interest in "My rides" main menu tab of the Vitt app. If you have a specific enquiry which is not related to your rides, you can contact us through the "Help & support" main menu tab of the Vitt app or by email at info@wearevitt.com.

Are the app download and sign-up free?

The app download and the sign-up are completely free of charge.

What vehicles does Vitt offer?

Vitt offers 3 vehicle types, for all your needs : • Vitt S that can host up to 4 passengers and 3 suitcases¹ (example: Peugeot 308, Chevrolet Volt, Audi A4...) • Vitt Xtra able to host up to 4 passengers and 3 suitcases¹. This vehicle type represents a higher standard compared to Vitt S: Mercedes Classe C ou E, Audi A6 ou A8, BMW série 5... • Vitt Van that can host between 6 and 7 passengers and 7 suitcases¹ (example: Mercedes Viano, Volkswagen Multivan...). Please visit www.wearevitt.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/List-of-vehicles-Vitt.pdf to consult the full Vitt vehicle list.   ¹ The number of accepted suitcases also depends on their dimensions.

Where can I use Vitt?

You can use Vitt in the following cities: •    Paris •    Lyon •    Marseille •    Nice To find out more about our coverage and prices, visit www.wearevitt.com/prices/. You can also verify from your app if your pick-up address is eligible to use Vitt by entering the address while booking a ride.

How to use Vitt

In order to use Vitt, you need to create a personal account on our mobile app (available on App Store and Play Store). For this, you will need to enter your email address, your mobile number and some other personal details, as well as a valid credit or debit card number. You can also get a referral code from a friend already registered with us, that you will need to enter while you sign up, in order to receive a first ride discount. Once your Vitt account has been created, you will be able to book your first ride. Booking on the app is simple! You will need to enter pick-up and drop-off addresses and confirm your selection to request a ride. You can also choose the vehicle type as well as schedule your ride up to 30 days in advance. Once the ride has been confirmed, a driver will be allocated to your ride and you will receive a notification to confirm. You will be able to follow the dirver's live location on the app. You can cancel your ride free of charge up to first 3 minutes after the ride booking confirmation. 

What is Vitt?

Vitt is a platform that allows to link the drivers and the customers who want to book a ride for their journeys. Vitt and its partner drivers collaborate through a partnership contract. With Vitt, you can book a ride on the spot or schedule one through the app (available on Android and iOS). Vitt is the ride-hailing app that takes care of its customers through an exceptional loyalty plan, fair prices, the possibility to schedule your ride and a reactive and local customer service. Since its launch in June 2020, Vitt is available in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Nice, and soon in more French cities! 🇫🇷

Booking with Vitt

Has my pre-booking been confirmed?

Once you validate a scheduled ride, you can find back your booking on your Vitt app in "My rides" - "Upcoming".

Does Vitt offer baby seats for their rides?

Our partner drivers do not provide baby seats during the ride. However, their vehicles are always equipped with the Isofix system that allows for an easy installation of your own baby seat. Our partner drivers are independent and they are responsible in case of accidents and police checks. They are also authorised to decline a ride request if you do not possess a baby seat, in this case it is recommended that you account for a baby seat in line with your baby's age and weight.

Edit/cancel a scheduled ride

If you want to edit your scheduled ride time slot, you can do so in "My rides" - "Upcoming" and select the ride whose time slot needs to be edited and then click "Edit". If you want to change the address of your scheduled ride, please cancel the existing booking and book again. If you wish to cancel your booking, you can do so in "My rides" - "Upcoming" and select the ride that you wish to cancel, and then click "Cancel".

How do I choose my payment method once I confirmed my booking?

After confirming your pick-up and drop-off addresses, you can choose your payment method by clicking "Payment" which can be found underneath the list of vehicle types. You can pay for your ride by credit/debit card, personal or business.

I would like to change my drop-off address

In the first minutes after the ride booking confirmation, you can cancel the ride and renew your booking. Visit www.wearevitt.com/prices/ to find out more about free cancellation times in your city. If you want to change your drop-off address or make an unforeseen stop after the ride has started, you can do so by asking the driver.

Does Vitt offer a service for reduced mobility passengers?

We offer a service for reduced mobility passengers, Vitt Access. Also, if you have a foldable wheelchair, you can place it in the vehicle boot. 

Can I cumulate promo codes?

It is possible to cumulate promo codes only if the related offer conditions allow so. These conditions are always explained in the promo code campaign description.

Ride with Vitt

Additional charges following a car damage during a ride

If you received an additional charge after a ride, it might be because you caused a damage in your driver's vehicle and the driver reported the incident. If you do not agree with the charge, write us an email at info@wearevitt.com with all the detailed informations related to the ride within 24h. You might have been charged between 0,01€ and 50€ for damages level 1 (light) and between 50,01€ and 200€ for damages level 2 (heavy).

How can I easily recognise my Vitt vehicle?

Once you confirmed your ride, a "driver ID" will show up on your application to give you details about the driver's vehicle brand and plate number. The driver's photo and name will show as well on this ID recap. A push notification will also be sent to you, showing the driver's name and the estimated waiting time. You will then receive another push notification when the driver reached your pick-up location, showing the vehicle details and the plate number.

How can I rate my ride?

Once the ride ends, a window will pop up so that you can rate the ride (and choose your preferred charity to which you wanna give 1% of your ride cost through our Feel Good programme), and potentially tip your driver if you so wish. The rating option is available up to 24 hours after the ride completion. The ride rating is in two steps : • the rate that represents your level of happiness with the service • the button comments that help you understand your rating choice. These elements allow us to guide our partner drivers to carry out a better service, if necessary, but also to reward them for their excellent service when they receive good feedbacks. These comments are anonymous and given to the partner drivers as short recap on their application. We need these feedbacks to maintain the service level at high standards, which is our paramount priority.

How can I tip my driver?

You can tip the driver at the end of the ride through the Vitt app. At the end of your ride, when you re-open the application, a window will pop up, allowing you to first rate the ride and then to tip your driver. You will just need to select the tip amount and confirm. The tip will be fully paid to the driver. Once 24 hours pass after the tip window has been closed, it will no longer be possible to tip the driver.

How to declare a lost object

Did you forget a personal object in one of our vehicles? Don't worry! Please contact our customer service at info@wearevitt.com. The service trackability allows us to find back your ride's vehicle. If  your object has been found, the Vitt service will give you tow options to get it back: • Your driver isn't far from you and available, and he will be getting you the object free of charge. • We will contact your driver to get the object back for you.

Does the driver know your mobile number and your name?

Your mobile number isn't known to your driver, and so is his. After confirming your ride, you can call the driver by clicking the phone icon from your ongoing ride screen. The driver will also be able to contact you from his application. But your number will not be shown to the driver through his application at any time. The driver will not keep any traces of your number. Your name can be shown to the driver only if you wish so. Otherwise, you can show a nickname of your choice by ticking the box 'I use my nickname' from the Edit profile screen of your Vitt application.

Can I make a detour or a stop during my ride?

You can make a stop or a detour during your ride by speaking to the driver. If you know when and where you want to stop, you can select more than 1 stop (up to 2 intermediate stops) before confirming the ride booking). The final ride price will be calculated according to the total ride time and distance. You can consult our price details here: www.wearevitt.com/prices/.

The loyalty program and all Vitt perks

How long are my promo codes valid for?

All the loyalty promo codes are valid for 6 months from their issue date.

Can I cumulate promo codes and loyalty advantages?

The promo codes obtained with our loyalty program cannot be cumulated with other % offers. If a customer has more than one promo code, the promo codes will be used in order of earliest expiry date. 


What are the prices?

Our service is currently available in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Nice. Our minimum fares vary depending on the city. You can verify the minimum fares at www.wearevitt.com/prices/. If you wish to know a ride price, you can simulate your booking from our Vitt application. Just enter your pick-up address, your drop-off location and consult the ride price estimate on the booking screen.

What is surge pricing?

During rush hours, a surge price may be applied to your ride. Why? The surge price assures you the best availability from our partner drivers. By offering a better remunaration to our drivers, we encourage them to connect to our platform: they will be more to offer you the best transport service. How is the surge shown? When the surge is applied, an icone will be shown while booking to inform you. The surge is included in the final ride price, and it will be set and confirmed before the ride. You can access the price details by clicking the info button.

Cancellation fees

If you wish to cancel a booking that you confirmed, you can do it within these times: • Immediate booking: please visit www.wearevitt.com/prices/ to know more about the times for the cancellation fees in your city. • Scheduled booking: the cancellation is free up to 30 minutes before the start of the booking time slot. The timeframe can evolve depending on the pick-up location. You can see the timeframes on www.wearevitt.com/prices/.

How long will the driver wait for me?

You can follow the driver's live location at any time on your Vitt application. When getting to your location, you will receive a push notification and the driver will call you to confirm that you received the push notification about his arrival. Please consult our price page www.wearevitt.com/prices/ to find out more about the free wait timeframes and the waiting charges in your city. Once the free wait time has passed, the driver can cancel the ride and leave. If you cannot show up within this time, but you wish him to wait longer, you can contact the driver. The driver will be paid for his wait.

How is my ride price calculated?

The ride price can vary depending on the booking date, time slot and unforeseen conditions (e.g. dense traffic). It can also vary depending on the ride option that you have chosen: • The ride price is shown to you while choosing the ride option and it might not fully reflect the final ride price (e.g. potential wait, cancellation and additional charges). • By scheduling a ride, we confirm set prices with you (excluding potential wait, cancellation and additional charges). While booking, you can click the info button to find out more about the fare breakdown.

Payment and invoicing

How Vitt secures the passengers' bank details

Vitt has established several security devices to protect your bank details, such as payment method encryption.

How do I manage my payment methods?

You can manage your payment methods from your personal profile, on our website and/or the mobile application. You can pay by credit/debit card, Apple Pay/Google Pay and credits/promo codes. If you have Vitt credits, these will be automatically used during your next rides.

How do I download my invoices?

Your invoices will be automatically sent to you via email after your ride. You can also download them from our Vitt application. The invoice download from the mobile application is available on iOS and Android.

Are the toll charges on the driver or on the passenger?

The toll charges are on the driver if he decides to take a highway. He is however free to choose a toll free route to avoid additional charges. But if you, as a passenger, specifically ask the driver to choose a route with tool charges, the passenger will have to pay for these additional fees. 

Airports and train/bus stations

How do I find my driver at the airport?

When a ride starts at the airport, your driver will wait for you at your terminal at the pick-up point shown on the Vitt application. You can also contact the driver as soon as you receive his details to agree on a different meeting point or to confirm the application meeting point, if needed. The meeting point with the driver will also be sent to you through the application.

How do I find my driver at the train/bus station?

When a ride starts from a station, the meeting point is automatically sent to you as pick-up location as soon as a  driver is assigned to your ride. You can also contact the driver as soon as you receive his details to agree on a precise meeting point.

Other questions

Becoming a Vitt driver

If you wish to become a Vitt partner driver, please visit our Driver page www.wearevitt.com/driver/ to sign up. You can also contact our driver recruitement team by email at info@wearevitt.com.

How to suggest a partnership with Vitt

For all enquiries regarding a partnership with Vitt, please send us an email directly at info@wearevitt.com.

Any suggestions for us?

Any suggestions? Do you have an idea to improve our platform? Our customers' feedback is essential for our team that works on a daily basis on the Vitt development. Also, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at info@wearevitt.com to send us your comments and suggestions.

Partner drivers

How can I refer a colleague to join Vitt?

If you want to refer a new Vitt partner driver, you can do that with the following steps on your Vitt Driver application: - Select "Refer a driver" on the main menu. - Click the share button to send your referral code to new Vitt partner drivers. - Your referred driver will receive the invitaiton to join Vitt with your referral code. Every time a new Vitt partner driver signs up with your referral code, you will earn 40€ once your referred driver completes 60 rides. Your invitees will have 30 days to complete the required 60 rides and unlock the bonus for you!

The customer cancelled the ride

The customer has at least 3 minutes after you reached the pick-up point to cancel without being charged any additional fees. After these 3 minutes, if the customer chooses to cancel the ride, he/she will be charged cancellation fees and you will receive your share. 

Customer did not show up

You can cancel the ride once you get to the pick-up point and the customer doesn't show up. The customer has at least 3 minutes (this time changes depending on city and ride type: www.wearevitt.com/prices/) that are not charged and during which the customer is free to cancel the booking without being charged any additional fees. At the end of the free wait time, we kindly ask you to wait up to 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you can cancel the ride or wait, without any additional charges for the customer. If you cancel the ride after 10 minutes, you will receive your share of the cancellation charges + wait fees.

Unfit customer

When you notice, after picking up your passenger, that his/her condition doesn't allow you to perform your service safely, without risking your and your vehicle's physical integrity, you can cancel the ride justifying the customer was unfit. This cancellation doesn't involve any charges.

Force majeure

This cancellation can only be accepted when you encounter technical problems with your vehicle that hinder you from accepting or completing a ride. If you cancel a booking because of force majeure, please contact our Vitt Partner Driver Service at info@wearevitt.com to notify us.

I want to see my ride history

You can check your ride history by clicking the tab "My rides" on the Vitt Driver app main menu.

The customer has damaged my car, what to do?

If a customer damages your car, first of all, it's very important that you stay calm.  If case where, for example, a customer has vomited in your car, try to get him back home safely. If the customer shows signs of agressivity, you can explain to him that you are not able to take him to his destination.  Write us an email with all the detailed informations related to the event within 24h, with the customer's first name and family name, the time and location of the incident.  The customer will be invoced and you will be reimbursed the cleaning fees (based on invoice, maximum of 50€), other cases will be dealt case-by-case.  Please note that the customer will be charged between 0,01€ and 50€ for damages level 1 (light) and between 50,01€ and 200€ for damages level 2 (heavy).

Wait charges: how do they work?

Once you get to the meeting point with the passenger, this will have some minutes free of charge depending on city and ride type: www.wearevitt.com/prices/. After these free minutes, the following ones will be charged to the passenger. After 10 minutes, if your customer doesn't contact you, you can cancel the ride and you will be paid your percentage on minimum ride price + wait charges.

How to reset my password

If you forgot your password while logging into Vitt Driver app, click "Forgot password?" to reset your password.

I cannot connect to Vitt Driver

If you cannot connect to your Vitt Driver app, please contact our Vitt Partner Driver Service by email at info@wearevitt.com, explaining the problem. Do not hesitate to attach some screenshots so that we can help you more efficiently to solve your connection problem.


Info and measures to take as a Vitt partner driver

Regarding the measures to take suggested by the government concerning Covid-19, the partner drivers can work while respecting the necessary recommandations.    In this context, please respect simple protective measures to reduce the risk for yourself and others. Please follow the guidelines below: - Wash your hands very often - When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your arm - Greet people without kisses and hugs - Dispose of any tissues you have used Please also take note of the below: - Wear a mask: since the 11th of May 2020, wearing a mask is mandatory inside VTC vehicles in case of lack of protective plexiglas screen - Provide hydroalcoholic gel to clients  - Ventilate your vehicle regularly  - Disinfect all contact surfaces with antibacterial wipes before and after each ride (belts, doors, etc.) However, if you show symptoms (fever, cough,...), please contact immediately your GP and go back home to avoid any contact with others.