Vitt Rewards

Vitt Rewards is the Vitt program that truly endorses our partner drivers for their work on a daily basis.
The idea is simple: after 3 daily rides with Vitt, you are, as a Vitt partner driver, automatically rewarded with a 5% commission (including taxes). That means 95% of each ride price straight into your pockets!* The Vitt Rewards total counter always runs in the background, calculating the total ride bonuses for you. You can review your bonuses, which will be paid out to you on a weekly basis. As simple as saying ‘Hello’!

What does 5% commission for 6 months sound like?

Become Vitt Ambassador!

The first 20 partner drivers who refer 100 partners successfully (meaning that all 100 referred partners must complete 60 rides) will have 5% commission for 6 full months.* Without forgetting the Vitt referral program bonus!
The Vitt Ambassadors can, if desired, “delegate” their Ambassador status (and related benefits) to another Partner Driver for a limited amount of time off the length of the ambassadorship.
This can be done by contacting Vitt and specifying the selected Vitt Partner Driver’s first name and family name, together with the exact start date and end date of the status donation.
Vitt will then study the application and process the Ambassador status donation accordingly. Applications must be sent at least 72 hours before the desired donation start date.

*Conditions apply: average note of at least 4.75 out of 5 and a ride acceptance rate of at least 90%.